Working with Audacity: Create that podcast today!

Creating a podcast or sound clip for that important presentation is easy using something called Audacity or so I learnt last week.  Previously I had always struggled to edit audio in video editing software such as Camtasia but never again.  Audacity is a powerful tool and is freeware to boot!  Just watch the download, it seems simple, but you need an extra file to make it work with MP3 files.

audacity logo

I discovered Audacity while creating an audio-book for my daughter.  Stories written and recorded by my mother, with music and sound effects added by me.  Audacity records well both using a microphone and internally while sampling YouTube sound effect files.  There are some good noise reduction tools as well and some other simple effects of which i have only just began to scratch the surface.  It is simple and intuitive to use.  There is also a healthy body of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube and a variety of websites all offering support and help.

So yes this must read like a sales pitch for Audacity and so it is; it is awesome for the occasional user like myself and has opened my mind to the idea of the podcast as part of my teaching portfolio.  I have previously done a few podcasts to sit alongside PowerPoint slides, but the idea of the podcast covering key topics is centre stage in my mind at the moment, so what this space!

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